Open a trading account with TheGreenFX broker and be amazed you even considered any other company to trade with. You can begin trading immediately after online registration. A wide range of available payment systems will ensure the comfort and efficiency of depositing process so you would be able to start working on the FOREX currency market without any delay.

How can you start?

The online registration is the first step to make; it does not take time at all. Please, be very careful filling in your details in the registration form. Inaccurate, incorrect or false information can make the later verification process for you significantly complicated.


Registered already? Choose the account just for you:

Trading account STP – simple and efficient live trading account for everyone

This type of account is designed for traders of all kinds. Beginner or trading guru alike – everyone would be able to have a pleasant FOREX experience without any restrictions. STP trading account gives you the ability to execute your own trading strategies, as well as copy strategies of others or use Expert Advisors for advanced trading performance.

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Trading account ECN – designed for professionals

For professionals who know exactly what they need TheGreenFX FOREX broker provides ECN trading account. Fast and furious execution with minimal spreads makes our ECN accounts very enjoyable for traders with Performance as their favorite dish.

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Trading account VIP – for top whales on the market

Hello, Mr. Whale! This one here is exactly for you!
Widest range of trading instruments, unimaginably flexible conditions and very responsive attitude from the broker allow you to make your account really unique and efficient. Fully enjoy all benefits of the VIP account and make it the best one to fully suite your own trading strategy.

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The essence of SWAP-FREE status turns a trading account into a separate entity, which takes into consideration the religious beliefs of its owner. For TheGreenFX clients, who, due to religious believes, find it hard to use our regular accounts, you can send a request to us and obtain SWAP-FREE status for your own  STP, ECN or VIP accounts from TheGreenFX company.

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In case you have any questions or are hesitant to make the choice – please consult with our experts.
TheGreenFX support team would gladly answer all your questions!

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