How to attract an investor?

Attracting an investor is quite easy if you keep it up with 10 easy tips below.

We really hope these will help you to start a profitable fund manager’s career.

1. Positive account statistics

The trade statistics for 6-12 months of trading is very crucial. Accounts with a week or two of trading history do not have enough credibility to attract an investor.

2. Public trading.

Be sure to make public monitoring of your account on various independent projects (myfxbook, mt5, signalstart). In the profile contacts always specify your contact info.

3. Creating topics on various forums

Communication-communication-communication. You can create… No, you SHOULD create themes in various forums with an offer to invest into your PAMM. But do not post topics right away after a creation of the profile, you will just be laughed at. Create new themes, discuss trading and news, post the results of your trading, summarize the results – blend into the community. Only after that you are eligible to “advertise” your PAMM. Never use hard and bold advertising. No forum loves it.

4. Advertising in newsletters

Many investors subscribe to mailings from forex-related websites. These systems allow placing advertisements directly in the body of the letter that your potential investor will receive.

5. Options for investing

Each investor seeks to diversify their investments to reduce risks. Offer a variety of investment options. These can be accounts with varying degrees of risk and profitability; different options for trading systems.

6. Analytical information

Publish analytics or forecasts. Forecasts that often come true will gather a crowd of traders and investors around you. There will be many people interested in investing.

7. Sending letters to investors

Sending letters to investors WON’T WORK, requests to invest will not bring good results. Only investor decides when, whom and how much would be invested. And no one likes when they are told what to do.  A trader must be higher than an investor. Manner makes a Man.

8. Website development

A beautiful site with convenient navigation and accessible information is would create a positive image for a trader and attract new investors. Correctly made website will bring some investors “free of charge”, due to targeted visitors from search engines.

9. Contextual advertising.

Conduct contextual advertising in Google Adwords, Yandex and others search engines. Direct Advertising will attract a large number of people interested in investing.

10. Communications

Be sure to register a separate messenger accounts to communicate with your investors. Skype, WhatsUp, Telegram, Facebook, Google+ with Hangouts. Cover as many social networks as possible. At the same time it should be convenient for you to visit all at least once a day so do not overdo. Most investors want to speak a person who is trusted with their funds.

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